Monday, August 9, 2010


Sadly, we're still locked out of the station doors... But no big deal. Tonight we'll be playing another amazing "Best Of Late Night Noise" rerun!! Guess how amazing it will be?? Just guess...

#1 We'll be indulging into a tribute to the now incarcerated Lindsay Lohan (and this was from a show 2 weeks ago.. and she's still in jail as far as I can tell. So this is still regarding current events. We win.)

#2 We'll also be playing an excerpt from an I-Doser track.. I-Doser creates frequencies which are supposed to simulate the effects of certain drugs (such as caffeine, marijuana, LSD, etc etc..) Most of these are 30+ minutes long.. and around 11:50PM we'll be playing an excerpt from "Gates Of Hades," which is supposed to make the listener feel like they're entering the gates of hell. I got a little freaked out while listening..

#3 We'll also be featuring our exceptionally amazing song of the week: The Katy Perry/Ke$ha mashup "California Gurls Tik Tok." Are they really the same song? We'll find out on tonight's show.. as well as take a listen to some of Kylie Minogue's "Love At First Sight," a pop song from 8 years ago which both songs seem to suspiciously resemble.

Here are the approximate times the songs will be played, in case anyone cares...

10:25PM - 10:40PM
Beak> "Iron Acton"
M.I.A. "Teqkilla"
M.I.A. "Lovalot"

10:40PM - 11:00PM
Teenager "Alone On Acid" Available here
Ice Age "The Hole"
Birthdays & Cough Cool "Future Body"
The Black Keys "Next Girl"
J Church "Jennifer Jason Leigh"
EBN "TV Or Not TV"

11:00PM - 11:15PM (Lindsay Lohan tribute)
Babe Rainbow "I Can Try To Run (Stuck)"
Stalker "Disconnection (Disconnected)"
Oneohtrix Point Never "LL (Something I Never Had/Over)"
Lindsay Lohan "Over"

11:15PM - 11:30PM
Lascowiec (Track 7 from their demo, untitled)
Lascowiec (Track 3 from their demo, untitled)
Ocrilim (Track 7)
Andrew WK "I Came For You"

11:30PM - 12:00AM (the i-doser track is a repeated tone that we played for about 10 minutes, it's supposed to make you feel like you're entering the gates of hell)
Un "Phila (Freedom)"
Rescue One "Chateau 19"
Sonic Youth (bonus noise from Jet Set Experimental Trash)
I-Doser "Gates of Hades"

12:00AM - 12:15AM (exceptionally amazing song of the week)
Ke$ha & Katy Perry "Tik Tok California Gurls (Djplaceboing Mashup)"
Naughty By Nature "O.P.P."
Kylie Minogue "Love At First Sight"

12:15AM - 1:00AM
Bathcrones "False Teeth"
Tjutjuna "Mosquito Hawk"
Sun Araw "The Stakeout (feat W. Giachi)"
Shumba Ratshega "Sananapo"
Holy Spirits "White Walls"
High Beams "Feasting on Energy"
Valeskaja Valcav "Copper Manor"
Hirpvs "Satvrnia Tellvs"
Blissed Out "Lindsay Lohan Fuck U Edit" Available here
Sun Araw "Get Low"

Late Night Noise POST-SHOW

1:00AM - 2:00AM
Kana (Track 6)
Black Dice "Earnings Plus Interest"
Brujeria "Mantando Gueros '97"
Eyehategod "Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere"
The Commodores "Lady"
Wicked Witch "Electric War"
Peter Grudzien "White Trash Hillbilly Trick"
Ween "Awesome Sound"
Oshun "Rattle Of Life"
Ciccone Youth "MacBeth"
Andrew WK "Pushing Drugs"
Hawkwind "Silver Machine"
We mention after this song that it's 7 seconds after the top of the hour, and we also say it's 1AM, both of which are almost absolutely untrue...

2:00AM - 3:00AM
"The Edge" Commercial, played twice while we comment over it
Boris "Hama"
Boris w/ Lecheo Derhara "Fuzzy Reactor"
Electric Wizard "Dopethrone"
Atari Teenage Riot "Digital Hardcore"
Stu Mitchell "Acid"
Crass "Untitled"
Wicked Witch "Erratic Behavior"
Billy Bao "Untitled"
Peter Grudzien "The Good Ol' USA"

3:00AM - 3:30AM
Eric Copeland "Fun Dink Death"
Sonic Youth "I Dreamed I Dream"
Laughing Record #1
Ween "Mourning Glory"
Pot Party Record
Peter Grudzien "Satan's Horn"
Andrew WK "When I'm High"
Mortician "Skin Peeler"

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