Sunday, February 10, 2019

Late Night Noise -- Jan 7, 2019

On January 7th, we tried something new never before attempted on Late Night Noise -- a show that ends before midnight. We tried to do an hour-long "Best of 2018" mini-sode that ended up stretching until 11:30PM. Afterwards, we played an encore-presentation of the 2nd half of the 2018 Mixtape which ran from 11:30PM-4AM (songs #36 through #1, plus all bonus jams and commentary).

Here's what got played on the "hour long" Late Night Noise best of 2018 special...

Candy "Good To Feel"
"Skeleton Jelly part 1"
Sunwatchers "Green Eyed Pigmen Get The Blade"
Protes Bengt "Folkpartist"
Protes Bengt "Slagen ave lagen"
Protes Bengt "Skuldfri"
Protes Bengt "Lagar och paragrafer"
Protes Bengt "Ostbagar"
Protes Bengt "Hinka pa vinden"
Protes Bengt "Inga nazister"
No Age "Drippy"
Innumerable Forms "Petrified"
"Chili's Babyback Ribs" original version
Connan Mockasin "Charlotte's Thong"
Andrew WK "Party Mindset"
"Skeleton Jelly Part 2"
Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan "Another"
Senyawa "Goodness Grows Off Soil"
Fritz Welch "The Donal Judd vs Elmer Fudd Inner Space Crisis"
Beak> "The Brazilian"
Beak> "When We Fall"

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