Sunday, September 15, 2019

Late Night Noise -- September 9, 2019

The playlist disappeared but the show is streaming on Mixcloud.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Late Night Noise -- September 2, 2019

Crash Course In Science “Cardboard Lamb”
East Link “Ansett Australia”
Floor "Chelsea / Pigs"
Lydia Lunch "Lady Scarface"
Little Howlin' Wolf "Big Ole Bear"
No Age "Teen Creeps"
Suicide "Mister Ray"
Platza "Frau Krahman"
MW1 "My Butt (Part 1)"
Ooze "Latchkey Vietnam"
Civic "Selling Sucking Blackmail Bribes"
The Swirlies "Rare Moment"
Organized Family f/ Thelma "Facebook"
Cluster “Rote Riki”
Throbbing Gristle "Persuasion"
M Geddes Gengras "Passage Under The Mountains"
Michael Mills "Satanic Messages In Rock Music 1981"
John Maus "Cop Killer"
Fat Worm Of Error "Special Bonus Thing"

Lil B "4 My (Clean Radio Edit)"

Tomb Mold "Planetary Clairvoyance"
Candy "Human Target"
Candy "Bigger Than Yours"
Red Death "Already In Hell"
Madball "Lockdown"
Cannibal Corpse "Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead"
Six Feet Under "Manipulation"
Mortician "Necrocannibal"
Nunslaughter "Ouija"
Gonkulator "Turbine Cranium Explosion"
Ripping Corpse "Sweetness"
Quintron "Bug Attack"
Bobby Conn "69 Anee Erotique"
Nood Ham "Tokyo Santa"
Tortured Machine "Flash Fire"
Beak> "Wulfstan (Live)"
Viper "You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack"
R.A.E.D. "The Lavas Volcano"
Triple Six Mafia "Playa Hataz"

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Life Sentence -- August 18, 2019

Filled in for Life Sentence two Sundays ago and played all stuff from the 38 CD Woodstock box set.

Ravi Shankar "Tabla Solo in Jhaptal"
Santana "Evil Ways"
Santana "Savor"
Santana "Jingo"
Mountain "Blood Of The Sun"

Mountain "Theme from an Imaginary Western"
Grateful Dead "St. Stephen"
Grateful Dead "Mama Tried"
Creedence Clearwater Revival "Commotion"
Creedence Clearwater Revival "I Put A Spell On You"
Creedence Clearwater Revival "Keep On Chooglin'"

Janis Joplin "Raise Your Hand"
Janis Joplin "To Love Somebody"
Sly & The Family Stone "Sing A Simple Song"
Sly & The Family Stone "Stand!"
The Who "Heaven and Hell"
The Who "I Can't Explain"

The Who "Summertime Blues"
The Who "My Generation"
Jefferson Airplane "Three Fifths of a Mile in 10 seconds"
Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit"
Joe Cocker "Feelin' Alright"
Joe Cocker "Let's Go Get Stoned"

The Band "Don't Ya Tell Henry"
The Band "The Weight"
Blood Sweat & Tears "Just One Smile"
Blood Sweat & Tears "Spinning Wheel"
CSN "Helplessly Hoping"
CSN "Marrakesh Express"
CSN "4 + 20"
CSNY "I'm Wonderin"
CSNY "Sea Of Madness"

Jimi Hendrix "Spanish Castle Magic"
Jimi Hendrix "Jam Back At The House"
Jimi Hendrix "Villanova Junction"
Jimi Hendrix "Hey Joe"

Monday, August 26, 2019

Late Night Noise -- August 26, 2019

Re-run last week, but we are back this week again.

Scissorfight "The Gibbetted Captain Kid"
Floor "Chelsea Girl Blues"
Innumerable Forms "Punishment In Flesh"
Eyehategod "Pigs"
Fury "Goodtime"
Jerry Green "I Finally Found The Love I Need"
TLC "Baby Baby Baby"
Glitterer "1001"
Glitterer "Destiny"
The Rentals "Frisbee Days"

Ufomammut "Satan"
Yarrow "A Mild Circus"
Antagonize "Both Hands Tight"
Anxious "Cold"
Sheer Mag "The Killer"

Young Guv "Roll With Me"
Death Bells "Roman Candles"
Navy Gangs "Special Glands"
Refrigerator "In Another Room"
Hum "Puppets"
Willie Nelson "Whiskey River"
Willie Nelson "Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)"
Akaten "Lathan's Snipe"
Omoide Hatoba "Pikadom"
Last of SGs "Bye To Bags"
Mount Shasta "S171"
Dazzling Killmen "Windshear"

Lil B "Wasup Jojo"

MW1 "My Butt (Part 2)"
Rotting Corpse "Dreaming With The Dead"
Fecal Matter "Class of 86"
TV On The Radio "Freeway"
Bumblebeez 81 "Pony Ride (TV on the Radio remix)"
Les Rallizes Denudes "People Can Choose"
Boris & Michio Kurihara "You Laughed Like A Watermark"
Mekanik Kommando "Snake Is Queen...Endless"
Kana "Star Tears"
Brujeria "Mantando Gueros (Live)"
Contortions "Jaded"

Freddie Hubbard "Mr. Clean"
Donnie and Joe Emerson "Baby"

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Late Night Noise -- August 12, 2019

The 3rd Annual "RAW AFTER SUMMERSLAM" Special

Etran de L'Air "Etran Hymme"
Ata Kak "Medofo"
"Baja Blast"
Billy V "Real Tune Is Life"
Glass Popcorn "My Circle"
Ariel Pink "Mature Themes"
Pledge Drive "Dean Ambrose"
Hot Dad "Dolph Ziggler"

Redman & Rock of Heltah Skeltah f/ Peanut Butter Wolf "No Chance" (Vince McMahonTM theme)
Hum "Coming Home"
Tenement "A Frightening Place For Normal People"
Tenement "Licking A Wound"
Wesley Willis "Creep Show"
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats "Blood Runner"
Can "Paperhouse"
CCR Headcleaner "Dreamsweeper"
Maxi Priest "Close To You"

Lil B "Berkeley"

Lil Yachty "Lady In Yellow"

Trail Of Lies "Fearless"
25 Ta Life "Strength Thru Unity"
Scalped "Progress"
Devil Master "Black Flame Candle"
Fury "Angels Over Berlin"
Madball "Set It Off"
Turnstile "Stress"
Regional Justice Center "It Only Gets Worse"
Warthog "Culture (Live)"
Ween "Love Will Conquer All"
Scatman John "Scatman (slowed down to 25% speed)"

Late Night Noise - August 5, 2019

Coheed and Cambria "IRO-Bot"
The Police "Friends"
All American Rap Band "My Name Is George"
Dowcet "Training For Space"
Louise Huebner "Orgies - A Tool of Witchcraft"
Herschell Gordon Lewis "Trudy Is Sacrificed to Ishtar - Leftovers"
Herschell Gordon Lewis "Chase Scene - A Fitting Death for the Garbage He Was"

Shorty "Mitzy Lodge"
Zzzzz "One, Two, Mary"
Cheer-Accident "Filet of Nod"
The Denison Kimball Trio "Framed"
Ruins "Hydromasgroningem"
Alex Sanders "Initiation"
Neu! "Super 16"
Neu! "Neuschnee"
Neu! "Cassetto"

Roger Miller "Dang Me"
The Trashmen "Surfin' Bird"
Dr. Octagon "Halfsharkalligatorhalfman"

Lil B "Free Life"

Jaap Blonk "Frans Mulders IJzerdraadlente (excerpt)"
Can "Peking O"

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Late Night Noise -- July 29, 2019

David Nance "Meanwhile"
Stove "Difficult Dooley"
Marty Plays Marky "My Spud"
Tony Molina "Separate Ways"
Monitor Radio "Insouciance"
Davila 666 "Tu"
The Beatles "It's All Too Much"
Maneka "Glazed"

Rage Against The Machine "Without A Face (Live 1996)"
Skull "Betrayer"
Mehkago NT "Negative Outlook"
Scissorfight "Human Head"

Beans "Interval"
Kool Keith "I'm A Tell You"
Willie D "Trip Across From Mexico"
Beastie Boys "Your Sister's Def"
Beak> "Iron Acton"
My Bloody Valentine "Instrumental No. 1"
The Who "Heinz Baked Beans"
Space Needle "Never Lonely Alone"
Seaweed "Go Your Own Way"
Sun Araw "Deep Cover"

John Pheiffer "Take Off"
Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan "Ice"
Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan "Liquid Runa"
Ween "I Saw Gener Crying In His Sleep"
Ween "Touch My Tooter"
Tool "Disgustipated"

Lil B "Ain't Me"

Flossie and the Unicorns "Chewing Gum From Outer Space"
Cromagnon "First World of Bronze"
Turnstile "Time & Space"
Nachtmytium "No Funeral"
Paul Beaver "Section 4: Frequency Modulation"

Plastic Ono Band "Remember Love"
Kristian North "Taste In The Mouth"
Kristian North "4 Men In A House"
Virginia Genta & Chris Corsano "Last Place At Sunset"
Cannibal Corpse "Sentenced To Burn"
Megadeth "Angry Again"

Type O Negative "Set Me On Fire"
Blind Melon "Tones Of Home"
James Tenney "Forms 1-4"
Morton Feldman "Numbers"
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Gesang der Junglinge"

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Late Night Noise from last night is now streaming on Mixcloud !!

Late Night Noise -- July 22, 2019 (Woodstock '99 Tribute)

Broken Water "Seaside and Sedmikrasky"
Pink Floyd "Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun"
Sebadoh "Cementville"
Sebadoh "Social Medicene"
David Nance "Credit Line"

Tony Molina "Separate Ways"
Jeff Buckley "Your Flesh Is So Nice"
Maneka "My Queen"

DMX "Prayer"
Wyclef Jean "Jailhouse Rock"
Buckcherry "Lit Up"
George Clinton "Somethin' Stank / Booty" (Happy birthday George Clinton)
Mickey Hart & Planet Drum "Tall Grass"
Counting Crows "A Long December"
Willie Nelson "Whiskey River / Stay All Night"
Sheryl Crow "My Favorite Mistake"
Metallica "Fight Fire With Fire"
Megadeth "Peace Sells"
Rage Against The Machine "The Ghost Of Tom Joad"

Butthole Surfers "Ghandi"

Lil B "Bout Dat Life Chopped and Screwed"

Big Sant & Redcoat Da Poet "Parking Lot"

Antagonize "El Toro"
Expander "Opulent Tesseract Ascension"
Be All End All "Ceremony"
Nunslaughter "All The Dead"
Spazz "Super Saucer Sacrifice"
Spazz "Might For Right"
Spazz "Running Man"
Spazz "Little Dinkums"
Hysterics "Now I See"
Hysterics "Psychic Drain"
Mindforce "Won't Be Denied"
Shitfucker "Nightmare (pt. 2)" (Incorrectly announced as a Midnight song -- honestly I had no idea this record was a split 7-inch)
Jocko "Soylent Green"

Hum "Puppets"
Hum "Aphids"
Hum "Boy With Stick"
Stefan Christiensen "The Company Distrust"
Windhand "Feather"

Monday, July 15, 2019

Late Night Noise -- July 15, 2019 (RIP Rip Torn)

Kook Keith "Maxin In The Shade"
Brujeria "Marijuana"
Pigface (Dean Ween and Andrew Weiss) "Cold (Mickey Part 2)"
Kana "Dragon Matsuri"

Weird Al Yankovic "Bite Me"
Destroy All Monsters "An Audio Letter"
Destroy All Monsters "Roscoe"
Etran de L'Air "Tarha"
Creedence Clearwater Revival "Keep On Chooglin'"

Morton Feldman "Music for Jackson Pollock"
Mulatu Astatke "Yekermo Sew"
Steve Martin "Tonight You Belong To Me"
The Pretty Things "Baron Saturday"
Rihanna "James Joint"
Heavy Vegetable "Junior"

Lil B "Last Dance Remix Feat Lil B"

Sunburned Hand of the Man "Fire Escape"
The Turtles "You Showed Me"
Mrs. Miller "Monday Monday"
Z-Rock Hawaii "Chuggin'"
Z-Rock Hawaii "Bad To The Bone"
Babymetal "Gimme Choko"
Beherit "Tribal Death"

Mariah "Track 6"
Absu "She Cries The Quiet Lake"
Absu "Manannan"
Sleep "Sonic Titan"

Phil Nilbock "Sea Jelly Yellow"
DJ Shadow "Brainfreeze (Side A)"

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Late Night Noise -- July 8, 2019

Real_Trap_Rich returns as co-host tonight, and we began Part 1 of our discussion about the music of Woodstock '99, including this clip from George Clinton's set...

George Clinton & P-Funk Allstars "Somethin Stank / Booty / Jam (Live at Woodstock '99)"

Blarf (aka Eric Andre) "Badass Bullshit Benjamin Buttons Butthole"
Beak> "Alle Sauvage (Mario Batkovic Version)"
James Brown "King Heroin" (incorrectly announced as "Heroin King")
Jaap Blonk "Deel 6"

Jaap Blonk "Deel 7"
Maneka "My Queen"
Trail of Lies "Fearless"
Radiohead "Nude (Lofi Demo)"

Lil B "Gotta Make The NBA"

DMX "Prayer" (Live at Woodstock 99)
Glass Popcorn "Ed Hardy (Live on CBS News)"
Dr. Octagon "On Production"
Wolf Eyes "Miled Sickness"

Blarf "I Worship Satan"
Jute Gyte "The Unformed Volcanic Earth"
Everything Is Terrible Mix
Pruient "Thorns"
Miles Davis "On the Corner/New York Girl/Thinkin' One Thing and Doin' Another/Vote for Miles"
Wolf Eyes "Stabbed In The Face"
Sunn 0))) "Cursed Realms (Of The Winterdemon)"