Monday, May 13, 2019

Late Night Noise -- May 13, 2019

After a strong 6 week run of dopeness, this week's show is/was kinda bleh but it was ok.

Congratulations to WWE Champions Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch on their "instagram official" status.

Jocko "Muddy Waters"
Pentagram "Sign of the Wolf"
King Crimson "Fallen Angel"
David Nance Group "Cure Vs. Disease Part 1"
Beak> "Life Goes On"
Spice Boys "Dream Vendor"
No Trend "Teen Love"
Peter Gabriel "Games Without Frontiers"
Freddie Hubbard "Mr. Clean"

Gary Byrd "Soul Travellin' (The GBE) (Part 1)"
Magnitude "Opposition"
Fuming Mouth "Burning Hand"
Type O Negative "Kill All the White People"
Mercyful Fate "Satan's Fall"
White Witch "Class of 2000"
Donnie & Joe Emerson "Baby"

Lil B "We See How That Work"

Jungle Brothers "I'll House You"
Ultramagnetic MCs "Ain't It Good To You"
Slick Rick "Teenage Love"
Sonic Youth "The Good and The Bad"

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Late Night Noise -- May 6, 2019

Beak> "Life Goes On"
Gregory Isaacs "Never Be Ungrateful"
Scientist "The Voodoo Curse"
King Crimson "Starless"
Alex Chilton "Jumpin Jack Flash"
Eyehategod "Three Black Eyes"
Otoboke Beaver "6 Day Working Week Is A Pain"
Mindforce "Fades Away"
Mercyful Fate "Running Free"
DNA "Lionel"
Ween "Demon Sweat"
Beck "Outcome"
Heatmiser "Blackout"
Aaliyah "One In A Million"
D'Angelo "1000 Deaths"

Script "UFO's Fly Again"
Flying Lizards "Money B"
Dr. Octagon "I'm Destructive"
N*E*R*D "Rollin' em 7's"
Weezer "Thief You've Taken All That Was Me"
Weezer "Tragic Girl"
The Rentals "Frisbee Days"
Anika "No One's There"

Wesley Willis "Electric Eel"
Mac Demarco "Rock n Roll Night Club"
Wire "I Am The Fly"
Rake "Motorcycle Shoes"

Chocolate "Conga forte, rico cajan"
Headroom "New Heaven"

**Mandatory BasedGod**
Lil B "Riding Skating Rollin Painting"

Edwin Birdsong "She's Wrapped Too Tight"
Sly and the Family Stone "Somebody's Watching You"

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Late Night Noise -- April 29, 2019

Big show tonight.

Pour one out for Woodstock.

Spice Boys "Dream Vendor"
Pretty Sick "Telephone"
Ringo Deathstarr "Slack"
J Mascis + The Fog "Where'd You Go"
Jeff Buckley "Nightmares By The Sea (Live at Arlene's Grocery)"
Atari Teenage Riot "Digital Hardcore"
Jaap Blonk "Deutsch Lyric (Nardwuar Edit)"
Faust "Lieber Herr Deutschland"
Dowcet "01"
Ween "Mourning Glory"
Sonic Youth "[untitled bonus noise]"

Blues Lawyer "Charity Case"
S.B.F. "Play To Win"
Black Dice "Ultra Vomit Craze"
Wicked Witch "Fancy Dancer"
Tapeworm "Break My Face"
Daniel Johnston "Big Business Monkey"
Dirt Shit "Exit"
Jocko "Muddy Waters"
Supermilk "Evonne"
Mitski "My Body's Made of Crushed Little Stars"
The Cardigans "Losers"
Cibo Mato "Know Your Chicken"
Ultramagnetic MCs "Travelling at the Speed of Thought (Remix)"
Busta Rhymes & Ol' Dirty Bastard "Woo-Haa Remix"
Beck "Minus"
POTUSA "Mach 5"
The Jesus Twins "Feel My Ubiquity"
Jimmy Hart & JJ Maguire "Sexy Boy (Shawn Michaels)"

Glued "Used To It"
The dbs "Big Brown Eyes"
Alex Chilton "Girl After Girl"
Turnstile "Time and Space"
Otoboke Beaver "I'm Tired Of Your Repeating Story"
Full of Hell "Burning Myrrh"
Andrew WK "Slam John Against A Brick Wall"
Siflitic Vaginas "Under Satan's Command"
Eyehategod "Take As Needed For Pain"
Boris "Fuzzy Reactor"
Flipper "Love Canal"
PC Worship "Southern Withdrawal"
Floor "I Remember Nothing"

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Late Night Noise -- April 22, 2019

Modern Lovers "Roadrunner"
Lowt Ide "Stop and Shop Acid Trip"
Jimmy Hart & JJ Maguire "Sexy Boy (Shawn Michaels)"
Potty Mouth "I Wanna"
Xetas "The Gaze"
My Bloody Valentine "Loomer"
Teenage Fanclub "Everybody's Fool"
Jeff Buckley "Murder Suicide Meteor Slave"
Butthole Surfers "Graveyard"
Polvo "The Chameleon"
Supermilk "Valuable"
Golden Pelicans "Stray Dogs"
Real Blood "Break The Skin"
Ekulu "Emulation"
Understudy "No Remorse"

Wasserman, Blonk, & Vorfeld "A Locution"
Faust "J'ai Mal Aux Dents"
The Tony Williams Lifetime "Mr. Spock"
Sonny Sharrock "Many Mansions"
Sebadoh "Punching Myself In The Face Repeatedly Publicly"
Sebadoh "Raging River"
Expander "Mechanized Deathcanal"
Mortician "Lord of the Dead (Mortician Part 2)"
Three Knee Deep "Hackin' Of Da Mindz"
Metallica "Helpless"
Black Sabbath "I"
Satanik Goat Ritual "Black Beast of Damnation"
Satanik Goat Ritual "SSP"

Clams Casino f/ Lil B "Witness"

A Tribe Called Quest "Same Ol' Thing"
The Notorious BIG "Playa Hater"
The Notorious BIG "I Got A Story To Tell"
Rihanna "James Joint"
Rihanna "Pose"
Rihanna "Woo"
Prince "Da Bang"
Prince "My Little Pill"
Prince "Annie Christian"
Prince "Breakfast Can Wait"
Prince "God"

Peel Dream Magazine "I Want Have It"
Odin "Lost"
The Coneheads "Violence"
c0mputer "La Raza"
Anxious "Stony Brook"
Eyehategod "Serving Time In The Middle of Nowhere"
Sunn 0))) "Alice"
Jocko "Muddy Waters"
Joy Division "The Drawback"
Full of Hell "Silmaril"
John S Hall "Garbage Party"
Lowt Ide "Have You Fucked A Cement Truck"
Faust "Stretch Out Time"
T.Rex "Spaceball Ricochet"

Monday, April 15, 2019

Late Night Noise -- April 15, 2019

Hi, nobody listens to this show. Here is what got played.

Editrix "She Wants to Go And Party"
The Clash "Career Opportunities"
Pile "The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller"
Fucko "Used To Be"
Roger Miller "Dang Me"
Supermilk "Teens"

Rosa Yemen "Rosa Vertov"
Ween "Moving Away"
Big Star "Holocaust"
Big Star "Downs"
Jocko "Shades of Green"
Big Takeover "Speaking Out"

Scissorfight "Drunken Hangman"
Sebadoh "Cementville"
Raymond Scott "Lightworks"
The Zombies "I Want You Back Again"
Wilco "Radio Cure (Live)"
Space Needle "Old Spice"

Mort Garson "Rhapsody In Green"
Lydia Lunch "Mechanical Flattery"
The Contortions "Twice Removed"
Suicide "Radiation"
Jaap Blonk "Deel 2"
Beastie Boys "Some Dumb Cop Gave Me Two Tickets Already"

Lil B "I Was Born Poor"

DJ Shadow "In/Flux"

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Late Night Noise -- April 8, 2019

Control Top "Office Rage"
Supermilk "Lycanthrope"
Nudie Mag "She's A Star"
Dowcet "Training for Space"

Big Takeover "Speaking Out"
Ekulu "Half Alive"
Big Heet "Suitandtie Skin"
Babysitter "Hard Times"
Gunk "Kill Them All"
Vertical Scratchers "Memory Shards"
My Bloody Valentine "When You Wake You're Still in a dream"
Surface To Air Missive "Surfacing"
Tiffany "Could've Been"
D+ "Our Father"
The Rubs "Impossible Dream"
Big Star "Lady Sweet"

Ween "Mountain Dew"
Pledge Drive "Dean Ambrose"
Run DMC "D-Generation X Theme (The Kings)"
U.S. Maple "Whoa Complains"
DJ Food & DK "The Terrorist"
The Beat "Mirror In The Bathroom"
Nirvana "Hairspray Queen"
Nirvana "Milk It"
Nirvana "Paper Cuts"
Nirvana "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"
Nirvana "Beeswax"
Nirvana "Endino Jam"
Nirvana "Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle"

Lil B "NBATV Commercial"
Lil B "No Black Person Is Ugly"

Daniel Johnston "Danny Don't Rapp"
The Frogs "I Don't Care If U Disrespect Me"

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Late Night Noise -- April 1, 2019

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats "I'll Cut You Down"
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats "Death's Door"
Beak> "Eggdog"
Polvo "Tilebreaker"
Nirvana "If You Must"
CCR Headcleaner "Feed The Freaks"
Goat Felch "Gloryhole Confessional Booth"
Goat Felch "The Shroud of Turin Is Now My Toilet Paper"
Goat Felch "Tortured In Hell"
Ute Wassermann, Jaap Blonk, and Michael Vorfeld "Alien Bard"
Uranium Club "Michael's Soliloquy"

Control Top "Covert Contracts"
Beastie Boys "Pass The Mic"
Kool Keith & ODB "Mankind Theme"
Kool Keith "Blast"
Jaap Blonk "Deutsche Lyric (excerpt)"
Lowt Ide "Your Turn" x The Police "Every Breath You Take"
Kamasi Washington "The Message"
Maren Morris "80s Mercedes"
Gnarwhal "Scooter Park"
Destroy 2 "We Are Voice and Rhythm Only"
Z-Rock Hawaii "Sunset Over Osaka"

Lil B "Im The Rap God"

Mindforce "Excalibur"
Three Knee Deep "Kingz Way"
Metallica "Hit The Lights"
Nunslaughter "Cataclysm"
Havohej "Unholy Darkness and Impurity"
Havohej "Behold The Prince of Peace"
Windhand "Grey Garden"
Dinosaur Jr "Chunks"

Sebadoh "Stunned"
Stephen Malkmus "Belziger Faceplant"
Failure "Frogs"
Failure "Bernie"
Uncle Acid "Stranger Tonight"
Jaap Blonk "De Grote Grebegrai Deel 1"
Devil Master "Failure To Die"

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Late Night Noise (March 25, 2019)

10PM - 1AM

Slint "Pam"
Hawkwind "Born to Go"
Sleep "Sonic Titan"

Scott Walker & Sunn O))) "Lullaby"
Scott Walker "Cossacks Are"
The Walker Brothers "The Electrician"
The Walker Brothers "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore"
The Walker Brothers "My Ship Is Coming In"

Scott Walker "Epizootics!"
Scott Walker & Sunn O))) "Herod 2014"
Hot Beef "Au Jus"
Hot Beef "In Denial"
Williams, Taylor, Stringer, & Fritz "Dumb as Fuck"
MW1 "My Butt Part 1"
Ooze "Latchkey / Vietnam"
Ooze "Supply / Lifeless World"
MW1 "My Butt Part 2"
The Coneheads "I Like Violence"
CCTV "Invisible to Society"
D-Boys "Nuklear Wah"
United Positive Squadron "Positive 'Tude"
MW1 "My Butt Part 3: Fin"
Sunwatchers "Everybody Play"

Lil B "Bitch I'm Bussin"
Lil B "I'm Just Livin"

James Tenney "Collage #1 Blue Suede"
Young Widows "Long Live the New Weight"
Melt Banana "Pain In Ash"
Foodman "Do U Like Me"
Lydia Lunch "Carnival Fat Man"
Ariel Pink "Time To Meet Your God"
Beherit "The Oath of the Black Blood"
Beherit "Metal of Death"
Gonkulator "Turbine Cranium Explosion"
Candlemass "Solitude"
Ripping Corpse "Dreaming With The Dead"
Dick Dale "Nitro"

Contortions "Flip Your Face"
Ween "Demon Sweat"
Paul McCartney "Secret Friend"
The Ric Colbeck Quartet "The Sun Is Coming Upp"

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Late Night Noise (March 18, 2019)

The Naked Gun 33 1/3 premiered on this date 25 years ago.

We didn't do any big "10 Years Of Late Night Noise" celebration stuff. More of that coming probably next week.

Ngozi Family "Hi Babe"
Boris "You Laughed Like A Water MArk"
Big Star "Downs"
Big Star "Holocaust"
Big Thief "UFOF"
Moby Grape "Naked If I Want To"
Slow Caves "Out of State"
Sesame Street "Milk Crisis"
Ata Kak "Moma Yendodo"

Royal Trux "Under Ice"
Black Sabbath "Slipping Away"
Black Midi "untitled"
Terminator 2 "Negative Reinforcement"
Creeping Death "Trail of Confusion"
Gulch "Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath"
Eyehategod "Taken As Needed For Pain"
Mortician "Brutally Mutilated"
Mortician "Necrocannibal"
Mortician "Outro"
Ratt "Nobody Rides For Free"

Lil B "Open Thunder Eternal Slumber"

Kool Keith "Intro"
Ween "Cornbread Red"
Sesame Street "V"
Curious George "Tomato Picking"
Jaap Blonk "Dina Sore"
Black Midi, Damo Suzuki "Part 1"
Jute Gyte "Mansions of Fear, Mansions of Pain"
Midnight "No Mercy For Mayhem"

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Stream this week's Late Night Noise and the 2014 Mixtape

Late Night Noise: Monday March 11, 2019 (10:15PM to 2AM)

2014 Mixtape Part 1: December 29, 2014 (2:15PM to 8:40PM)
Playlist available here:

2014 Mixtape Part 2: December 29, 2014 (8:40PM to 10AM)
Includes bonus "Late Night Noise Best of 2014 special" (10PM to 1AM)
Playlist available here: