Monday, October 19, 2020

Late Night Noise "Big Bag Of Tapes 7" -- October 19, 2020

We reached the end of the rare tapes. This week is the end of the rare tapes. It was a good way to keep the show going and now it's done so idk i guess this the end of the show for now.

Death SS "Terror (1977)"
Beck "Satan Gave Me A Taco"
Venom "In League With Satan"
Fearless Leader "Hey Satan"
45 Grave "Party Time"
Johann Johannsson "Seeker of the Serpant's Eye"
Kana "Reinbo-Doubutsu Shiki"
Peter Grudzien "Hear The Trumpet Call"
Beak> "Minus Pillow"
Ariel Pink "Chart-Beep"
Eyehategod "Shinobi"
Revenge "Reaper Abyss"
Innumerable Forms "Philosophical Collapse"
Expander "Rejunkulizer"

Lil B "Words Not Spoken"
Lil B "How I Feel"
Lil B "Ride (Hold Up)"
Lil B "Lifes Hard"

Viper "This Is How I Ball"

13. 151 Bicardi Drank No Chasa
151 Bicardi "151"
151 Bicardi "Drivin Lyrics"

12. Hrossharsgrani Uruk-Hai (1999 demo -- the song we found is from a different demo, same artist, same year)
Hrossharsgrani "The Eternal Fire"

11. Dorothy Iannone Speaking To Each Other (special edition -- book and 90 minute cassette)
[we couldn't find anything from this tape nor any relevant placeholders]

10. IAM Concept
IAM "Elle Est A Moi"
IAM "II NY A'Pas D'Autre Alternative"

9. Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids Lunchbox (1991 demo)
Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids "Dune Buggy"
Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids "My Monkey"

8. D.O.A. Habitual
D.O.A. "Anotha Friday"
D.O.A. "Mobb Style"

7. Big DS Untitled (1994 demo)
Big DS "Rudeboy"

6. The Offspring 6 Songs (1986 demo)
The Offspring "Halloween"

5. Burzum In The Arms Of Darkness (12 tape box set)
Burzum "Depressive Visions Of The Cursed Warrior"

4. MC Jake Let Me Smoke (4 song maxi-single)
[we couldn't find any music from this artist]

3. Various Artists Mechanics of Deconstruction
Xorcist "Hallucination"
Tit Wrench "LSD Me (The Fall Of The House Of Acid)"

2. Erasure "Love To Hate You (Chinese Version)" (single-sided 1 song tape, test pressing, released for promo only)
Erasure "Love To Hate You (Chinese Version)"

1. Various Artists Uniteddiaries 1979-1987 (33 tape box set)
Nurse With Wound "You Walrus Hurt The One You Love"
Crass "Powerless With A Guitar"
Nihlist Spasm Band "Stop and Think Shit Heads"
Nurse With Wound & Current 93 "I Was No Longer His Dominant"
Operating Theater "Rapid Eye Movements (Part 1)"

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Late Night Noise "Big Bag Of Tapes 6" and Van Halen's weirdest/noisiest -- October 12, 2020

A couple of the Van Halen songs we played are noisy and a couple are weird. We don't know every song, and they probably have weirder ones than these. But this is still an intentionally weird tribute block. We're a lower dial station and this show is obligated to keep it weird.

Van Halen "Sunday Afternoon In The Park"
Van Halen "One Foot Out The Door"
Van Halen "Mean Street"
Van Halen "Hang 'em High"
Van Halen "Loss Of Control"
Van Halen "Intruder"

Jake Tobin "Moves On Tightrope" (NEW)
Professor Rhythm "Professor 3"
Brujeria "Papa Capado"
Floor "EHS (Every Happy Slumber)"
Mr. Bungle "The Bends"
Psychology Machine "Never Trust Anyone With More Money Than You" (NEW)

26. MC Proof & DJ Head W.E.G.O. N!??# Whuddd! (turntable mixtape)
The Beatnuts "Find That (Snippet)"
1st Down "Rip Off The Roof (Snippet)"
M.C. Proof & D.J. Head "Interlude"
De La Soul "Sweet Dreams (Snippet)"
Keith Murray "The Rhyme (Snippet)"
Royal Flush "Movin' On Your Weak Productions (Snippet)"
McGruff "Harlem Kidz Get Biz (Snippet)"
Nas "Nas Is Coming (Snippet)"

25. The Instant Automatons Tape Transport
The Instant Automatons "Invertebrates"

24. Kent Verkligen
Kent "Kram"

23. The New Blockaders Epater Les Bourgeois (Special Edition) (cassette and 7-inch package, we could only find the music from the 7-inch)
The New Blockaders "Epater Les Bourgeois (Part 1) (excerpt)"

22. The Beatles The Beatles Box Set (every Beatles album on tape)
The Beatles "Long Long Long"

21. The Offspring 7 songs (1st version of their 1986 demo)
The Offspring "Call It Religion"

20. Three Tymes Luv Irresistible (we found a version of one of these songs on their '91 CD maxisingle)
Three Tymes Luv "I Wanna Groove (Radio Swing)"

19. Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds November 1993 DAT (Bill Price Rough Mixes) (one of these songs was on Izzy's 1998 LP so we played that version)
Izzy Stradlin "Gotta Say"

18. Metallica No Life ‘Til Leather (1982 demo)
Metallica "Hit The Lights (demo)"

17. The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince) P Control (giveaway tape for attendees at the 1995 VH1 Fashion Awards)
Prince "P Control (House Mix)"

16. t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者* アンタラ通信
Telepath "柔らかい唇"

15. Tatsuro Yamashita For You
Tatsuro Yamashita "Love Talkin' (Honey It's You)"

14. Tool Aenima (advance copy)
Tool "Die Eier von Satan"

Lil B "The Age Of Information"
Lil B "Free Life"

Wicked Witch "Vera's Dream"
Moth Slasher "Free Wifi"
Killing Joke "Requiem"

Electric Wizard "Mind Transferral"
Sleep "Sonic Titan (live)"
Ric Colbeck Quartet "The Sun Is Coming Up"
Penny Penny "Yogo Yogo"

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Late Night Noise "Big Bag Of Tapes 5" -- October 5, 2020

Good show but the talkovers sound bad. I accidentally forgot to switch the microphone to the audio interface so the talkovers were recorded with a laptop mic and it sounds like a bad podcast.

Fortunately no one listens to this show so it's ok.

CCR Headcleaner "Star Cry" (NEW)
King Crimson "Frame By Frame"
The Groundhogs "Eccentric Man"
Eyehategod "Ruptured Heart Theory"
Vertical Slit "In No Sense"
Ween "I Play It Off Legit"
Raekwon "Guillotine (Swords)"
John Frusciante "Your Pussy's Glued To A Building On Fire"
Hasil Adkins "We Got A Date"
Cibo Matto "Know Your Chicken"
June Of 44 "ReRecorded Syntax" (NEW)
Alien Nosejob "Pass The Buck" (NEW)

37. The Limp Richerds (self-titled cassette 1984)
Limp Richerds "I've Only Got A Nickle On Me Honest"

36. Organized Crime Family From Da Southside
OCF "Southside (ain't on War Zone album)"

35. Death Grips The Money Store
Death Grips "Hacker"

34. Kylie Minogue (self-titled 1995)
Kylie Minogue "Confide In Me"

33. Rage Against The Machine (self-titled 1991 demo tape)
Rage Against The Machine "Know Your Enemy (demo)"
Rage Against The Machine "Narrows (demo)"

32. ABBA Disco Special 1+2
ABBA "Summer Night City"

31. Various Artists Lystisnekkjan Gloría (1986)
Bjork "Untitled"

Lil B "I Was Born Poor"
Lil B "Wasup Jojo"
Leon Vegas featuring Lil B "Idol"

Glass Popcorn "Ed Hardy"
Ween "The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo"
Butthole Surfers "The Revenge Of Anus Presley"
P.H.F. "I Want U 2" (NEW)

MBV "Off Your Face"
INOJ "All I Want"
Pete Rock CL Smooth "Act Like YOu Know"
Beastie Boys "Do it"
Ultramagnetic MCs "Funky (Remix)"

30. Eminem Kamikaze (2018)
Eminem "Venom (Music from the motion picture)"

29. Rammstein (self titled 1994 demo tape)
Rammstein "Weisses Fleisch (demo)"

28. Haruomi Hosono Watering A Flower (1984)
Haruomi Hosono "Muji Original BGM (excerpt)" (bonus track not on the tape)

27. Amanda Palmer (self titled 1998 demo)
[couldn't find any songs]

Blake Babies "You Dont Give Up"
Pavement "Jam Kids"
Chrome "Firebomb"
Rozwell Kid "Stunt Kite"
Paul McCartney "Check My Machine"
Hum "The Summoning"

Monday, October 5, 2020

Late Night Noise "Big Bag Of Tape 4" -- September 28, 2020

Not sure why last week's show did not yet get posted?

It came out much better than this week's show just fyi.

Research Reactor Corp "Bizniz World" (NEW)
Meat Puppets "In A Car"
Swirlies "Park The Car By The Side Of The Road"
Plimsouls "Oldest Story in the World"
Babes In Toyland "Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft"
Heatmiser "Junior Mint"
Shiner "My Life As a Housewife"
Space Needle "Starry Eyes"
Young Guv "Cold In The Summer" (NEW)

Big Star "September Gurls (Studio Rehearsal)"
David Nance "When The Covers Come Off" (NEW)
Oceanator "Goodbye, Goodnight" (NEW)
Home Blitz "Two Steps"
Fire-Toolz "All Deth Is U"

51. E-40 Mr. Flamboyant EP
E-40 "Shut It Down"

50. Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique (1989 generic promo)
Beastie Boys "Johnny Ryall"
Beastie Boys "Egg Man"

49. Jimmy Eat World (1994 self-titled demo)
Jimmy Eat World "Top Heavy"

48. Cuicide Final Exit
Cuicide "Mind Of A Lunatic"

Gulch "Self Inflicted Mental Terror" (NEW)
Pig Destroyer "The Cavalry" (NEW)
Devil Master "Inhabit the Corpse"
Beherit "Grave Desecration Vengeance"
Revenge "Reign Power (Above All Born)" (NEW)

47. Blue House Boys This Is How We Chill (EP)
Blue House Boys "This Is How We Chill"

46. Mr. Bungle OU818 (1989 Demo EP)
Mr Bungle "Mr Nice Guy"

45. 2Pac 2Pacalypse Now
2Pac "If My Homie Calls"

Lil B "I Am George Floyd" (NEW)

Obnox "Hawkwindian Summer" (NEW)
Medium Medium "Hungry So Angry"
Pylon "Dub"
Screaming Trees "Smokerings"
Warpaint "Love Is To Die"
Uncle Tupelo "Effigy"

44. Kickback Winter Ends (1993 Demo)
Kickback "Scarred Inside"

43. The True Mayhem Pure Fucking Armageddon (same band as Mayhem from Norway)
Mayhem "Black Metal (Total Death Version)"

42. 2Pac Strictly For My N.*.*.*.*.*.
2Pac "Holler If You Hear Me"

41. CHBB 4 (Part 4 of a 4-part series of 10 minute tapes)
CHBB "Go Go Go!"

40. Various Punk United (Italian Oi Hardcore comp)
Nabat "Anarchia Sullo Stato"

39. Dead Or Alive Nukleopatra
Dead Or Alive "Sex Drive"

38. Eloe and the Boss City Klicke Louisiana's Streets
[We could not find anything from this artist]

Soundgarden "Show Me"
Overkill "Elimination"
Mercyful fate "Witches Dance"
Windhand "Two Urns"

Friday, September 18, 2020

Late Night Noise "Big Bag Of Tapes 3" -- September 21, 2020

Still playin tapes! Here's a sneak spoiler for this Monday's show!

Twice Eyes "Hit Me Up" (NEW)
Robyn Hitchcock "Let There Be More Darkness"
Emitt Rhodes "Shoot The Moon" (RIP)
Gum Country "The Queen Rules" (NEW)
Home Blitz "Final Decay" (NEW)
Pavement "Easily Fooled"
Jungle Brothers "Feelin' Alright"
Deerhoof "The Loved one" (NEW)
Yung Skrrt "Gunna" (NEW)

Ishai Adar feat. Maurice Sarfati "Ana Belephoneq" (NEW)
No Age "Working Stiff Takes A Break" (NEW)
BCFW "Butter Boots" (NEW)
Lalalar "Yalniz Olu Baliklar..."
Swell Maps "Let's Buy A Bridge"
Eric Copeland ""Dumb It Down"(NEW)

62. Saturn Form Essence H.Y.K.-14-2-02 (20-cassette + 3 floppy disk box set -- we played one of the floppy disk songs)
Saturn Form Essence "Pillars Of Creation"

61. Kickback Kickback (1993 4-song demo)
Kickback "Sins Part 2"

60. Hijyokaidan Originals (couldn't find it, but we played something that might have be on the tape from a Hijyokaidan CD box set)
Hijyokaidan "Dragonta"

59. The Black Queen Fever Daydream MMXV (33 minute loop -- we couldn't find it but the song played has a sample of the loop)
The Black Queen "The End Where We Start"

58. David Bowie The Man Who Sold The World (original album art)
David Bowie "All The Madmen"

57. Frans Zwartjes Music By Frans Zwartjes
Frans Zwartjes "Part 1" (excerpt)

56. Monte Cazaaza At Leeds Fan Club / Scala, London, Oundle School
Monte Cazaaza "Instrumental 1" (excerpt)

55. Genocide Organ Rio Dulce Izabal b/w Sierra De Lacondon
Genocide Organ "Rio Dulce Izabal" (excerpt)

Lil B "Covid 19 Based Freestyle" (NEW)

Body Count f/ Riley Gale "Point The Finger"
Power Trip "Nightmare Logic"

Innumerable Forms "Despotic Rule" (NEW)
Expander "Rejunkulizer" (NEW)
Cro-Mags "Two Hours" (NEW)
Year Of The Knife "Get It Out" (NEW)
Fury "The Feeling"

54. Of Montreal - 2011 self-titled cassette box set
Of Montreal "Don't Ask Me To Explain"

53. Various Noise Fest (Recorded 1981 Noise Festival curated by Sonic Youth)
The Problem "The Problem"
Smoking Section "untitled"

52. Tom Recchion Freak Show
Tom Recchion "Gun Shine"

51. E-40 Mr Flamboyant EP (1991)
E-40 "Mr Flamboyant"
E-40 "Tanji"

Museum Of No art "La Grotta" (NEW)
Hopeton Lindo "Gun Ting"
Stark Reality "Thirty Days Hath September"
Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds "Fallin in Love"
Coachwhips "Yes I'm Down (Demo)" (NEW)
Hood Rats "Toxic Avenger" (NEW)
Ultramagnetic MCs "Break North"
Marlowe "OG Funk Rock" (NEW)

Masterpiece Machine "Letting You In On A Secret" (NEW)
Giuseppe Andrews "Rollerblades"
Giuseppe Andrews [Ants Soundtrack]
Andrew WK "Not Going To Bed"
Sleep "Leagues Beneath"

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Late Night Noise "Big Bag Of Tapes 2" -- September 14, 2020

Hey we're back! Here's a sneak preview of tomorrow's show at 10PM.

RIP Riley Gale
Power Trip "The Evil Beat" (RIP)
Masterpiece Machine "Rotting Fruit" (NEW) (RIP)
Power Trip "Armageddon Blues" (RIP)
Emotional Xan f/ Riley Gale "Blood Of The Innocent Crucify Thy Son" (NEW) (RIP)

CCR Headcleaner "Hi Def" (NEW)
Candy Highway "Lights" (NEW)
Candy Highway "Chilli Lopez" (NEW)
Violent Change "Dreary Example" (NEW)
Obnox "Scenicide" (NEW)
Emitt Rhodes "Love Will Stone You" (RIP Emitt Rhodes)

93. Various New Breed
Outburst "The Hardway"
Outburst "Thin Ice"
Raw Deal "Backtrack"
Raw Deal "Wall Of Hate"

89. Ganja Boys Clique Ganja Boys Clique (EP)
Ganja Boys Clique "Funky 4 U"

85. Kengo Luchi Jaki Matsuri '89 Live
Kengo Luchi "南無阿弥陀仏の夕暮れに"

84. DJ Screw Freestyle Kings (Chopped & Screwed mixtape)
Lil Wayne "The Block Is Hot"

82. Various Pandemonium
Rough Luxury Crew "Pandemonium"

79. Late! Pocketwatch (Dave Grohl, 1992)
Late! "Bruce"
Late! "Milk"

70. Hootie & The Blowfish (1990 demo)
Hootie & The Blowfish "Let My People Go"

69. Cro-Mags Age Of Quarrel (1985 demo)
Cro-Mags "World Peace"
Cro-Mags "Hard Times"

68. The Black Hoods Six G’$ N Countin
The Black Hoods "Knox Landing (Visit The Beat)"
The Black Hoods "I Gots To Stay Paid"

67. The Trip Caronte
The Trip "Caronte I"

66. Deep Wound American Style (1982 demo)
Deep Wound "Pressure"
Deep Wound "Training Ground"
Deep Wound "Don't Need"

Gulch "Sin In My Heart" (NEW)
Expander "Neuropunk Boostergang" (NEW)
Devil Master "The Devil Master (Devil Is Your Master)"
Defeated Sanity "Dislimbing The Ostracized" (NEW)
Innumerable Forms "Philosophical Collapse" (NEW)

Lil B f/ Young L "Okay"

Prutser "Netels" (NEW)
Pearson Sound "Alien Mode" (NEW)

65. Tre Allegri Allegro Pogo Morto
Tre Allegri "Una Cosa Speciale"

64. Vomito Negro (self titled 1987 box set)
Vomito Negro "Yellow Fever"

63. Atrax Morgue Deadbag (5-cassette box set)
Atrax Morgue "Lonely"

62. Kickback (Self titled 1993 demo)
Kickback "Sins Part 2"

61. Saturn Form Essence H.Y.K.-14-2-02 (box set with 20 tapes and 3 floppy disks)
Saturn Form Essence "Pillars Of Creation"

60. Hijyokaidan Originals
Hijyokaidan "Dragonta" (not actually sure if this is the song but it's a 20 minute song and we played like 6 minutes of it)

59. The Black Queen Fever Daydream MMXV
The Black Queen "The End Where We Start" (couldn't find the Fever Daydream tape but the song includes some of the sample looped on this tape)

Screaming Trees "Invisible Lantern"
Boris "Lust" (NEW)
Jettycats "Down To The Jetty" (NEW)
Germ House "Nothing Is Like They Wanted" (NEW)
Oranssi Pazuzu "Ilmestys" (NEW)
Merry-Go-Round "You're A Very Lovely Woman" (RIP Emitt Rhodes)

Merry-Go-Round "Live" (RIP Emitt Rhodes)
Rob Crow "Prepared To Be Mined"
Phony "Waffle House" (NEW)
Narrow Head "Stuttering Stanley" (NEW)

Thursday, September 10, 2020

LNN Returns This Monday Sept 14 I Think

I think we'll have a new show ready to go for this Monday -- it's not entirely up to us whether it gets played tho, but we have a few weeks of music and discussion lined up and ready to kick off our fall shows!

So this Monday's Late Night Noise show will probably be finished up and sent to WXCI tonight. We'll probably upload it to mixcloud early in case anyone wants a sneak preview. After it's sent to the station, we unfortunately don't have control over whether it airs on Monday at 10. But we're in a new fall semester now so it probably will.

We have a ton of new music to get through, some new Mandatory Basedgod segments, and we'll be continuing our new mini-series -- an exploration of rare tapes. We started the rare tapes thing throughout our most recent show back on July 10th in hopes that it would give us incentive to continue remotely producing shows throughout the summer. But sadly that did not happen for various reasons.

But the good news is that there are lots of new Monday shows coming very soon.

If you can think of anyone in your life who might enjoy this show please tell them about it so that we don't have to feel like we're doing this for no one. We have no way to measure how much people care or don't care about Late Night Noise. A few years back, it used to feel like we had maybe 10 regular listeners but now it's probably closer to zero. We don't have a Patreon or a PayPal, and we don't have any additional promotion. Late Night Noise is a free show and it's also pretty time consuming. So literally any positive feedback would be enough to help us keep this going. Thanks!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

1991 Mixtape -- June 15, 2004

Here's a dorky old show from 2004! Back when I actually had listeners. "Orange Is the New Black" liked this show so much that it appears in the book. (See photo.) Joe Mariano guests in this a few times. This was one of my first times recording a show live with a CD burner, and I forgot to turn up the recording volume during the first half of the Top 10, so #10 thru #6 are missing.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Late Night Noise "Big Bag Of Tapes 1" -- July 10, 2020

This is a funny meme because literally no one listens to music on iPods in 2020.

Still "Quar in Brooklyn." Hopefully the sound quality isn't too bad.

We found Discogs 100 most expensive rare tapes of 2019 and it seemed like a good list to explore on Late Night Noise. The music on these tapes must be pretty amazing if people are willing to pay like $500 or whatever.

So that's what's happening. Plus more new music, protest music, mandatory basedgod, etc. Here's what we played...

Thirdface "Grasping At The Root" (NEW)
Osees "Blood On Your Boots" (NEW)
Baldi/Gerycz Duo "Spectral Light Whirl" (NEW)

100. Every Time I Die (1999 demo)
Every Time I Die "To Die For"

99. Descontrol Producto De Las Circunstancias
Descontrol "Toque De Queda"
Descontrol "Suicidio"

98. Koncrete Method Richmond 2 Oakland
Koncrete Method "3000 Miles To The Bronx""

97. Repugnant Spawn Of Pure Malevolence
Repugnant "Rapturous Genocide"

96. Shizuka [1992 solo tape]
Shizuka "The Burial of a Shooting Star" (this version is from 1995 Live Shizuka LP)

Space Needle "Sun Doesn't Love Me" (if anyone has a copy of the Neil Young cover on the b-side of this single please send it over)
Narrow Head "Night Tryst" (NEW)
Nnamdi "Heartless" (NEW)
Boris "Lust" (NEW)

95. Mortem Slow Death (demo)
Mortem "Nightmare"

94. Various Dreambox_1 [10 cassette box set]
Hong Kong Express "Girl In The Lexus Showroom"

93. Various New Breed! (There's a 70 minute documentary about this tape on Youtube)
Absolution "Never Ending Game"
Bad Trip "Something More"

92. Hiroshi Yoshimura 音の島
Hiroshi Yoshimura "Ka Wa Mo"

91. Mónica Naranjo Bad Girls
Mónica Naranjo "Bad Girls"

Turnstile x Mall Grab "I Wanna Be Blind" (NEW)

90. Céline Dion and Score By Lewis Furey The Peanut Butter Solution (movie soundtrack)
Céline Dion "Listen To the Magic Man"

89. Ganja Boys Clique Ganja Boys Clique (EP)
Ganja Boys Clique "Funky 4 U"

88. The Cure Happily Ever After (comp)
The Cure "A Forest"

87. The Cure Pornography (pre-release promo)
The Cure "The Hanging Garden"

86. Life Of Agony The Stain Remains (demo)
Life Of Agony "Respect"

Birdbrain "Drown"
Knot "Foam" (NEW)

Lil B "Fleek" (NEW)

85. Kengo Luchi Jaki Matsuri '89 Live
Kengo Luchi "終末奴隷"
Kengo Luchi "南無阿弥陀仏の夕暮れに"
Kengo Luchi "その時はクスリ"

84. DJ Screw Freestyle Kings (chopped & screwed mixtape)
Ja Rule "How Many Wanna Die"

83. Big B Nothing But Game
Big B "Game 4 a Bitch (ft. Deco-D)"

82. Various Pandemonium
Rough Luxury Crew "Pandemonium"

81. Makaveli "Hail Mary" (posthumous Tupac, cassingle)
Makaveli "Hail Mary (Radio Edit)"

80. Sub Contents (1996 demo)
Sub Contents "Parinoid"
Sub Contents "Underbomber Theories Pt 2"

79. Late! Pocketwatch (Dave Grohl, 1992)
Late! "Throwing Needles"
Late! "Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson"

[We realized here that Discogs counted wrong so we skipped #78]
[We also could not find any music from #77 or #76]

77. Deep South Click Eye To Eye (1997 album)
76. Deep South Click How Long Will It Be (1998 album)
Deep South Click "Living In My Ghetto" (from their 1996 tape)

75. YippiYo “007” "Out Tha Bounds" (EP maxisingle)
YippiYo "007" "Out Tha Bounds (Haze Mixx)"

Ritual Clearing "Mensis" (NEW)
Screaming Trees "Ivy"
Screaming Trees "Walk Through to This Side"
Geronimo "Love Conduit"
Slow Caves "Walk In The Park" (NEW)

74. The Legend Lady J Life In The Ghetto
The Legend Lady J "It's The 90s M-Town"

73. A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory (pre-release promo)
A Tribe Called Quest "Buggin' Out"

72. Ariel Kalma Osmose (1978 album)
Ariel Kalma "Gongmo"

71. SAINT PEPSI Hit Vibes (2014 cassette reissue)
Saint Pepsi "Cherry Pepsi"

70. Hootie & The Blowfish (1990 demo)
Hootie & The Blowfish "Look Away"

69. Cro-Mags Age Of Quarrel (1985 demo -- different from LP with the same name)
Cro-Mags "By Myself"
Cro-Mags "Face The Facts"

CCR Headcleaner "Half A Tooth" (NEW)
Thurston Moore "Hashish" (NEW)
Hum "Desert Rambler (Extended version)" (NEW)

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Late Night Noise Quar In Brooklyn -- June 22, 2020

Late Night Noise was later than usual, because we didn't have the show finished by last night. Not sure when it will air on WXCI, but it's on our Mixcloud now. Broken into two parts because it's a lot of stuff.

Hum "Waves" (NEW)
Neil Young "Homegrown" (NEW)
Neil Young "Florida" (NEW)
No Age "Agitating Moss" (NEW)
Vanity "Rarely If Ever" (NEW)
The Amps "Empty Glasses (Demo version)"
The Jesus Lizard "Pastoral"
Crack Cloud "Ouster Stew" (NEW)
Spellling "Dirty Desert Dreams"
Maneka "Oopdie Oop (Jazz)"
Maneka "Positive"

Guitar Red "Disco From a Space Show"
Alice Donut "Lydia's Black Lung"
My Dad Is Dead "Mary Jane"
Can "Deadly Doris"
Void "Who Are You"
Ritual Clearing "Void" (NEW)
Eyehategod "Pigs"
Painkiller "Devils Eye"
Nifelheim "Hellish Blasphemy"
Rat King "Zero" (NEW)
Year Of The Knife "Virtual Narcotic" (NEW)
Cro-Mags "Don't Talk About It" (NEW)
Cro-Mags "Hard Times"
Cro-Mags "We Gotta Know"

Expander "Hyper Flesh Aedificium" (NEW)
GLOSS "Give Violence A Chance"
System Of A Down "Mr Jack"
Madball "Smell The Bacon"
Killdozer "The Pig Was Cool"
Geld "Forces At Work" (NEW)
Artistic Decline "Excuses"
Sunburned Hand Of The Man "Fire Escape"
Fryse "Marta Kya Na Karta?" (NEW)

Lil B "I'm Just Livin'"
Lil B "I Love You"
Lil B "No Black Person Is Ugly"
Lil B "Hipster Girls"

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist "1985" (NEW)
Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist "God Is Perfect" (NEW)
Sun Ra "Nuclear War"
John Frusciante "Running Away Into You"
U.S. Maple "Lay Lady Lay"
Melting Hopefuls "I'm Not A Punk"
Weezer "I Swear It's True"
Jason Loewenstein "More Drugs"

Incendiary "Force Of Neglect"
Year Of The Knife "Blue Lies"
Candy "Human Target"
Sepultura "Inner Self"
William Onyeabor "Good Name"
Alhaji (Chief) Dr. Wasiu Ayinde Barrister "Baby Je Kajo (Side A)"

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Late Night Noise Quar In Brooklyn -- June 8, 2020

This Monday night's show is finished and so we're posting it now! Listen early if you want to, or tune in to WXCI on Monday a little after 10PM. It will sound exactly the same as this.

Rajan James "Impossible Dreams" (NEW)
D'Angelo "1000 Deaths"
D'Angelo "The Charade"
Stevie Wonder "Black Man"
Geto Boys "Crooked Officer"
LL Cool J "Illegal Search"
Sodsri Rungsang "Uay Porn Tahan Chaydan"
Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, & The Congos "Jungle"

Ritual Clearing "Necrophage" (NEW)
Anybody But The Cops “Bowlegged”
System Of A Down "Deer Dance"
Mindforce "Swingin Swords Choppin Lords" (NEW)
Mindforce "Fratello" (NEW)
Revenge "Human Animal" (NEW)
Bad Brains "Pay to Cum"
The Clash "Police On My Back"
Black Flag "Police Story"
John Maus "Cop Killer"
Grant Hart & Nova Mob "Space Jazz"
Baldi Gerycz Duo "Spectral Light Whirl" (NEW)
The Insects "Tramlines" (NEW)
Bruce Springsteen "State Trooper"

Lil B "Cars Shoutouts" (NEW)
Lil B "Be Myself"
Lil B "No Black Person Is Ugly"

No Age "Head Sport Full Face" (NEW)
Nnamdi "Glass Casket" (NEW)
Spellling "Under The Sun"
CCR Headcleaner "Cocoon" (NEW)
Fire Toolz "Ever Widening Rings" (NEW)
Twin Stumps "Ejaculation Servants"
Spk "Slogun"
Billy Bao “While Watching Their Stocks Rise, Your Miserable Fucking Life Dies”
Kleenex "Ichor"
End "Fear For Me Now"
Windhand "Halycon"

Monday, May 25, 2020

Late Night Noise Quar In Brooklyn -- May 25, 2020

Still Quar. Did a show today. Hopefully more are coming.

We're not sure if this will air tonight, but it's on Mixcloud now.

Ritual Clearing "Hide" (NEW)
Mindforce "Hope Dies In The City" (NEW)
Mindforce "Hellscape" (NEW)
Jocko "Wise Man" (NEW)
Steven Tyler "I Love Trash"
Kraftwerk "Numbers" (RIP)
Throbbing Gristle "Persuasion" (RIP)
C4 "Going To War" (NEW)
C4 "Time To Eat" (NEW)
The Coneheads "Lizard Lady"
The Coneheads "Waste Of Space"
John S Hall "Clarity Transcending"
Fat Worm Of Error "Special Bonus Thing"
J Flowers "We Can More Than Survive" (NEW)
CCR Headcleaner "Unified (Dubified)" (NEW)

Fire Tools "Decrepit Phoenix" (NEW)
Gary War "See Right Thru"
Chris Weisman "999"
John Frusciante "Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo"
Hasil Adkins "We Got A Date"

Lil B "Network"
Thundercat f/ Ty Dolla $ign & Lil B "Fair Chance"

Viper "I Ball For Gunshots"
Salem "Trapdoor"
Nation Of Ulysses "NOU Cooking With Gas"
My Bloody Valentine "She Found Now"
Boris "Nothing Special"
Dinosaur Jr "Don't"
Thee Speaking Canaries "Our War on Cool Part 2"
The Jesus Lizard "Happy Bunny Goes Fluff Fluff"
Vertical Slit "Please Take Hold"
Sonic Youth "Vibrato/Guitar Lick/Funky Fresh"
Eldopa "The Burning"
Beherit "Nocturnal Evil"
Spacemen 3
Disguise something
Tina Turner "Private Dancer"