Thursday, March 1, 2018

Weds afternoon show & Top 10 Jams

The Breeders "Nervous Mary"
Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Not In Love We're Just High"

Top 10 Jams Show - Feb 28, 2018
12. Dr. Octagon "Octagon Octagon"
11. King Tuff "Raindrop Blue"
10. Asap Rocky "Cocky"
9. Bat Fangs "Wolfbite"
8. Heele "Oncoming Wave"
7. Sorry "2 Down 2 Dance"
6. Kacey Musgraves "Space Cowboy"
5. Superchunk "Lost My Brain"
4. Parquet Courts "Almost Had To Start A Fight / In and Out of Patience"
3. Janelle Monae "Make Me Feel"
2. Yo La Tengo "For You Too"
1. Otoboke Beaver "Anata Watashi Daita Ato Yome No Meshi"

The Rubs "Emily"
Seaweed "Kid Candy"
Babes In Toyland "Bruise Violet"
Crowbar "Existence Is Punishment"

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Weds show & Top 10 2/21/18

LL Cool J "Mr. Good Bar"
Merchandise "Worthless Apology"
Gunk "Ice Cream"
Til Tuesday "Voices Carry
Fugazi "Floating Boy"
Tupac "Dear Mama"
Prince "The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker"
Speedy Ortiz "Lucky 88"
Big Walnuts Yonder "Raise The Drawbridges?"

Top 10 Jams - Feb 21, 2018
12. Surface To Air Missive "Landing Safely"
11. Jason Loewenstein "Machinery"
10. Kal Marks "Today I Walked Down To The Tree"
9. The Drums "Meet Me In Mexico"
8. Citris "Driving Me Crazy"
7. Heele "Oncoming Wave"
6. No Age "Send Me"
5. Dr. Octagon "Octagon Octagon"
4. Shell Of A Shell "Already There"
3. Palm "Forced Hand"
2. Kero Kero Bonito "Only Acting"
1. Courtney Barnett "Nameless Faceless"

Queens Of The Stone Age "Go With The Flow"
Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer"

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Feb 19 2018

Mary Kate & Ashley Olson "Gimme Pizza Slow"
Ata Kak "Daa Nyinaa"
Big Walnuts Yonder "Flare Star Phantom"
Gunk "Ice Cream"
Gunk "Kill Them All"
Crooks On Tape "River Bait"
Babysitter "Hippy In The City"
Andrew WK "Not Going To Bed"
Big Heet "On A Wire"
Spazz "Egg On The Hirax Cover"
Spazz "Deviant"
Spazz "Indentured"
David Nance "Silver Wings"
Thurston Moore & John Moloney "Caught On Tape Side A"
Otoboke Beaver "Love Is Short"
Mahmundi "Imagem"
Guided By Voices "Overloaded"
Sleep "Sonic Titan"
Sebadoh "Lime Kiln"
Rihanna "Woo"
The Spirit Of The Beehive "Ricky (Caught Me Tryin')"
Funk Master Flex "The Mix Tape Volume III 60 Minutes Of Funk The Final Chapter"

Monday, February 12, 2018


Here's the first 2 hours of what we played. (The show is still happening right now.)

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen "Gimme Pizza Slow"
Bastard Noise
Faust "J'ai Mal Aux Dents"
Bob Summers / Mike Curb "The Call Girl"
Oshun "Rattle Of Life"
Peter Grudzien "The Good Ol' USA"
Bob Summers / Mike Curb "Pot Party"
Anonymous "Corporate Food"

Funkadelic "War of Armaggeddon"
Mutation "Ceased To Be"
WV White "Brain Left Town"
Lea Bertucci "Patterns for Alto"

Iceage "Catch It"
Intimates "I've Got A Tiger In My Tank'
No Age "Send Me"
No Age "Snares Like A Haircut"
No Age "Tidal"

Dowcet "04"
Sebadoh "Part 1: Lou"
Elias Samson (WWE Ride Along song about how he hates Hartford, CT)
WV White "Broken Arm"

No Age "Popper"
No Age "Secret Swamp"
Norm Macdonald & Mike Tyson
Inner City "Ain't Nobody"
Freddie Hubbard "Mr. Clean"
My Bloody Valentine "Don't Ask Why"

Stay Asleep "Misanthrope"
Expander "Timezapped"
Beherit "Metal of Death"
Beherit "The Oath of the Black Blood"
Cannibal Corpse "Staring Through the eyes of the dead"
Stay Asleep "Critical Access"
Stay Asleep "Unsolicited Advice"
No Age "Third Grade Rave"
No Age "Squashed"
Lowt Ide "Down On The Corner"

Lil B "Ride (Hold Up)"
Lil B "Ain't Me"
Aaron Dilloway "Karaoke With Cal"
Lil B "Mexico Skit"
Ween "Chairman Of My Destiny"
Ween "I Smoke Some Grass"

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Top 10 Jams -- Jan 24, 2018 [RIP Mark E Smith]

Sad show today. :(

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile "Over Everything"
Prince "She's Always In My Hair"
Heatmiser "Blackout"
Hum "Why I Like The Robins"
The Rubs "Emily"

Top 10 Jams -- Jan 24 2018
12. Alex G "Fay"
11. David Nance "110 Blues (I-80 Version)"
10. Visigoth "Warrior Queen"
9. Maneka "Romantic"
8. Strange Relations "Cut & Ran"
The Fall "Last Commands Of Xyralothep Via M.E.S."
The Fall "Hey Student"
7. Corey Flood "Feel Okay"
6. Hop Along "How Simple"
5. Deerhoof "Live To Tell"
4. Surface To Air Missive "Landing Safely"
3. No Age "Send Me"
2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra "American Guilt"
1. The Breeders "All Nerve"
The Fall "I Wake Up In The City"
The Fall "Totally Wired"

Monday, January 22, 2018

Late Night Noise LIVE

Mostly pre-recorded while watching RAW 25.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olson "Gimme Pizza Slow"
The Bastard Noise
Wicked Witch "Rated X"
Ariel Pink "One More Time"
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats "Slow Death"

Dreamdecay "Bass Jam"
Expander "Biochron Space Suit"
Aaron Dilloway "No Eye Sockets"
Dowcet "Training For Space"
FNU Ronnies "Normalcitizen"

The Rubs "Too Young For Me"
Beastie Boys "Your Sister's Def"
Ween "Tastes Good On Th' Bun"
Contortions "I Can't Stand Myself"
The Beatles "You Know My Name"

DiCaprio "Ectoslavia"
Nunslaughter "Smell The Burning Churches" (mic was on lol)"
David Nance "Negative Boogie"
Lydia Lunch "Carnival Fat Man"
Lydia Lunch "Tied and Twist"
Aaliyah "If Your Girl Only Knew"
Babysitter "Hard Times"

Spazz "WWF Rematch at the Cow Palace"
Chales Bronson "Diet Root Beer"
Andrew WK "Not Going To Bed"
No Age "Eraser"
Jeff Buckley "Murder Suicide Meteor Slave"
Elliott Smith "Last Call"
Rihanna "James Joint"
Rihanna "Kiss It Better"
The Velvet Underground "Venus In Furs"

Black Dice "Ten Inches" (left the mic on again)
Brujeria "Padre Huestro"
Atari Teenage Riot "Deutschland Has Gotta Die"
Sunburned Hand Of The Man "Fire Escape"
Nardwuar vs Wesley Willis
Wesley Willis "Outburst"
Wesley Willis "2 x 4"
Beherit "Summerlands"
Beherit "Werewolf, Semen and Blood"

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


We attempted to do a "best of 2017" show, but we ended up deviating from this theme a bunch of times so far.

The show is still happening now. Here's what we played so far...

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen "Gimme Pizza Slow"
The Bastard Noise "Through Modern Existence"
Electric Wizard “Mourning Of The Magicians”
Otoboke Beaver “Introduce Me To Your Family”
Palberta “Pick Up The Phone”
Broken Hope “Mutilated and Assimulated”
Aaron Dilloway “Karaoke with Cal”
David Nance “More Than Enough (Reprise)”
Andrew WK “Music Is Worth Living For”
Lil B “Wasup JoJo”
Brockhampton “Boogie”
The Rubs “Emily”
Endless Boogie “Back in ‘74”
Beherit “Lord of Shadows and Golden Wood”
Beherit “Metal of Death”
Beherit “The Oath of the Black Blood”
Beherit “Grave Desecration”
Beherit “Witchcraft”
Beherit “Goat Worship”
Jaap Blonk “Seepferdchen und Flugfische”
Jaap Blonk “just a thought”
Jaap Blonk “der minister I”
Jaap Blonk “glasslass”
Jaap Blonk “Ango Iaina”
Lil Peep “Awful Things”
Code Orange “Bleeding in the Blur”
Palberta “Stayin’ Alive”
Palberta “Sick”
Toto “Africa” (talkover)
Headroom “How to Grow Evil Flowers”
The Cranberries “Dreams”
The Cranberries “Ode To My Family”
The Cranberries “Zombie”
David Nance “River With No Color”
Alex G “Brick”
Charli XCX “Track 10”
Gnarwhal “Light up City”
Dreamdecay “Ian”
I Hate Sex “And Yet It Moves”
Migos “Stir Fry”
Lil B “Ride (Hold Up)”
N*E*R*D “Rollinem 7’s”
Tony Allen “Cruising”
Andrea Pensado “Study for Noise Piano and Voice”
The Rubs "Impossible Dream"
Ariel Pink “Time To Meet Your God”
Expander “Mechanized Deathcanal”
Jaden Smith "Batman"
Lil Yachty "FYI (Know Now)"
Beherit "The Gate of Nanna"
Uncle Acid "Crystal Spiders"

Thursday, January 4, 2018

1/3/18 rotation hour

Isaac Hayes "Stormy Monday (Live)"
Prince "Electric Intercourse"
Autumn "Kill My World"
Can "Turtles Have Short Legs"
Helium "Hole In The Ground"
Sheer Mag "What You Want"
Radiohead "Man of War"
Tom Petty "A Thing About You"
Alice Coltrane "Rama Guru"
Prince "Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden"

Tuesday, December 26, 2017



EDIT (12/27): The show is wrapped! Here is what got played...

80. Weezer “La Mancha Screwjob”
79. Ovlov “Halfway Fine”
78. Laurel Halo “Moontalk”
77. N*E*R*D f/ Kendrick Lamar “Don’t Don’t Do It”
76. Lil Yachty "Priorities"
75. No Age “Soft Collar Fad”
74. Charly Bliss “Westermarck”
73. Two Inch Astronaut “Snitch Jacket”
72. Weaves “Scream (f/ Tanya Tagaq)”
71. Freddie Gibbs “Phone Lit”

70. MOZART “Love Knows No Bounds”
69. Broken Hope “The Meek Shall Inherit Shit”
68. Kendrick Lamar “FEAR.”
67. Syd “Insecurities”
66. Good Morning “Oppsie”
65. Now Now “Yours”
64. Endless Boogie “Back In ‘74”
63. Mac Demarco “My Old Man”
62. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile “Let It Go”
61. Leikeli47 “Miss Me”

60. Cloakroom "Seedless Star"
59. Palberta "Sick"
58. Electric Wizard “See You In Hell”
57. Big Heet “Suitandtie Skin”
56. Midnight “Here Comes Sweet Death”
55. Animal Collective “Kinda Bonkers”
54. Nelly Furtado “Magic”
53. Kelela “LMK”
52. Miguel “Harem”
51. Mount Eerie “Ravens”

50. Quicksand “Normal Love”
49. David Nance “Silver Wings”
48. Radioactivity "Infected"
47. Grandaddy “I Don’t Wanna Live Here Anymore”
46. The Rubs "Wrap My Life"
45. Kehlani “Distraction”
44. Nnamdi Ogonnaya “let gO Of my egO”
43. Otoboke Beaver “Introduce me to your family”
42. Snoop Dogg f/ Redman, Method Man & B-Real “Mount Kushmore”
41. Maneka “Power (feat. Katie Capri)”

40. (Sandy) Alex G “Brick”
39. Aye Nako “Particle Mace”
38. Thundercat f/ Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins “Show You the Way”
37. Cloakroom “The Sun Won’t Let Us Go”
36. Elder “Sanctuary”
35. Lil Yachty “Lady in Yellow”
34. Code Orange “Bleeding In The Blur”
33. Lil B “Free Life”
32. Migos “T-Shirt”
31. Jay-Z “Marcy Me”

30. Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie “In My World”
29. I Hate Sex “And Yet It Moves”
28. Nelly Furtado “Paris Sun”
27. Sheer Mag “Suffer Me”
26. The New Pornographers “High Ticket Attractions”
25. Alvvays "Dreams Tonite"
24. Melkbelly "Kid Kreative"
23. Ty Dolla $ign “Message In A Bottle”
22. Guided By Voices “Diver Dan”
21. David Nance “More Than Enough (Reprise)”

20. Palehound “If You Met Her”
19. Big Thief “Mythological Beauty”
18. Jorja Smith “On My Mind (Jorja Smith X Preditah)”
17. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile “Outta the Woodwork”
16. Power Trip "Executioner's Tax"
15. Gnarwhal “Marathon Ripper”
14. N*E*R*D f/ Rihanna “Lemon”
13. Charly Bliss “Glitter”
12. (Sandy) Alex G “Bobby”
11. Beak> “Sex Music”

10. Horisont “Electrical”
09. Winter “Jaded”
08. Maren Morris “80s Mercedes”
07. N*E*R*D f/ Andre 3000 “Rollinem 7’s”
06. Tyler The Creator “I Ain’t Got Time”
05. Xetas “The Gaze”
04. The Rubs “Wrong/Right Girl”
03. Kendrick Lamar f/ Rihanna “LOYALTY. FEAT. RIHANNA.”
02. (Sandy) Alex G “Proud”
01. Lil Yachty “Bring It Back”

Bonus: New Found Glory "The Sound Of Two Voices"

Tune-in to 91.7FM in Danbury or stream at WXCI.Org to hear more!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

12/25 and 12/26 shows


Christmas evening starting at 10PM and airing until 2AM, LATE NIGHT NOISE will be airing our first original holiday special since 2010.

We'll be airing a special playlist featuring the strangest and most abrasive holiday music of all time. Four hours of outsider, black metal and experimental drug-fueled Satanic holiday music.

Starting at 11AM and airing until 5PM, we'll be airing the 2017 MIXTAPE.
77 of the best songs from 2017.

Listen on 91.7FM in Danbury or streaming at WXCI.Org.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wednesday afternoon 12/20/17

I hadn't done a live Wednesday afternoon show in a while. It's a shift that I usually reserve for "Top 10 Jams" but since the 2017 Mixtape is happening within a week, it was a rotation shift with holiday music. Here's what got played yesterday between 3:30 and 5PM...

Busta Rhymes "Dangerous"
Big Pun "You Came Up"
Lauryn Hill "Lost Ones"

Carly Rae Jepsen "All That"
My Bloody Valentine "Feed Me With Your Kiss"
Bygones "not what it is but what it's not"
Ovlov "Deep Fried Head"

David Nance "Cruel Kind of Love"
The Rubs "Wrap My Life"
Two Inch Astronaut "Can You Please Not Help"

Melkbelly "Off The Lot"
Sebadoh "Not Too Amused"
Miguel "Harem"
TLC "Sleigh Ride"

King Diamond "No Presents For Christmas"
Tera Melos "Warpless Run"
The Replacements "Beer For Breakfast"
Surface To Air Missive "Full Love Wonder"
The Rubs "Wrong/Right Girl"
Outkast "Player's Ball"

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile "Outta The Woodwork"
Prince & The Revolution "Another Lonely Christmas"

Monday, December 18, 2017

The show tonight will play some of these songs

LNN Dec 18 show

Mary Kate & Ashley Olson "Gimme Pizza Slow"
Beherit "Grave Desecreation"
Beherit "Goat Worship"
Beherit "Salomon's Gate"
The Elvis Files Intro
David Nance "More Than Enough (Reprise)"
Beak> "Merry Xmas (Face The Future)"
Ying Yang Twins "Deck Da Club"
Ariel Pink "Time To Meet Your God"
David Nance "Silver Wings"
DiCaprio "Ectoslavia"
Afroman "Afroman Is Coming To Town"
Midnight "Here Comes Sweet Death"
Dreamdecay "IAN"
Beherit "The Gate Of Nanna"
Easy-E "Merry Muthafuckin Xmas"
Elder "Blind"
Andrew WK "Not Going To Bed"
Autumn "Kill My World"
Gary Numan "Complex"
Endless Boogie "Back in '74"
Beherit "Witchcraft"
Midnight "Melting Brain"
John Maus "Touchdown"
WV White "Broken Arm"
Treacherous Three "XMas Rap"
Headroom "How to Grow Evil Flowers"