Monday, February 11, 2019

Late Night Noise -- Feb 4, 2019

Feb 4 show kicked off with the Nudie Mag demo.

Nudie Mag "Please Be The One"
Nudie Mag "Fan Of You"
Nudie Mag "She's A Star"
Three Knee Deep "Duck Down"
Three Knee Deep "Devil's Playground"
Fela Kuti "Coffin For Head Of State (Parts 1 and 2)"
Heatmiser "Everybody Has It"
The Replacements "Within Your Reach"
Aphex Twin "#23"
Kana "Tsuki No Sakura"

Lil B "California Boy"

Wicked Witch "Electric War"
Kool Keith "Big Frank"
Ata Kak "Yemmpa Aba"
Faust "25 Yellow Doors"
Painkiller "Purgatory Of Fiery Vulvas"
Painkiller "Warhead"
Three Knee Deep "Last Man Standin'"
Ultra Satan "USA"
Saviours "To The Grave Possessed"
Sun Araw "Bump Up"

David Nance "110 Blues (I-80 Version)"
Mulatu Astatke "Yegelle Tezeta"
Sun Ra "I Am The Brother Of The Wind"
Beak> "Abbots Leigh"
Grauzone "Eisbar"

Windhand "Red Cloud"
Kurt Cobain [bedroom tape] "Beans"
Kurt Cobain [bedroom tape] "Don't Want It All (Seed)"
Kurt Cobain [bedroom tape] "Clean Up Before She Comes"
Kurt Cobain [bedroom tape] "Polly"
["I know we're shit out of luck" - what is this song]
Ween "There's A Pig"

Black Flag "Your Last Affront"
Butthole Surfers (the file just says "02" but i'll fix this soon)
Fritz Welch "Square Teeth Non-Linear Conference Room"
75 Dollar Bill "Beni Said"
Elder "The Falling Veil"

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