Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Late Night Noise 8/27/18

For some reason this was never posted, so here it is...

Jeff Buckley "Murder Suicide Meteor Slave"
Absu "Manannan"
Dirty Beaches "Speedway King"
Ecostrike "Resurrect"
Ivy "Arch-Foe"

Wicked Witch "Electric War"
Kool Keith "Big Frank"
Ata Kak "Yemmpa Aba"
Faust "25 Yellow Doors"
Painkiller "Purgatory Of Fiery Vulvas"
Painkiller "Warhead"

D's Licks "Rockin All Over The World"
Davila 666 "Tu"
Gang Green "Voices Carry"
Ween "Tender Situation"
Ween "The Stallion Part 3"

Mortician "Mortician"
Mortician "Brutally Mutilated"
Gonkulator "Banish The Holy Trinity"
Beherit "Witchcraft"
Hysterics "Outside In"
Hysterics "Leave Me Alone"
Mars "Helen Fordsdale"
Nachtmystium "No Funeral"

Peter Brotzman "Machine Gun"
Hawkwind "Born To Go"
John Maus "Quantum Leap"

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